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Private Lessons with Connor

30 min. 60 min.
1/week, billed monthly
Guitar (ages 6+),   Violin (ages 6+),   Cello (ages 6+),   Bass (ages 5+),   Banjo (ages 8+),   Audio (ages 10+)


Connor is an Orlando-based guitarist with 15 years of live performance and teaching experience. Connor has performed a wide variety of genres with many different artists. In 2023 Connor released several records with Pablo Aragona, Zach Muth, and others. Connor has studied with renowned guitarists Bill Harkleroad and John Stowell. Connor earned his degree in Sound Production from Valencia College in 2020 and has produced several records. Connor has experience with multiple instruments including guitar, cello, bass, violin, banjo, and upright bass. Connor prides himself in his modern approach to teaching that focuses on applied music theory, live performance, and the students' creative growth.

$49.75/lesson, Month to month

Monday at Garden Music School

$49.75/lesson, Month to month

Tuesday at Garden Music School

$49.75/lesson, Month to month

Wednesday at Garden Music School

$49.75/lesson, Month to month

Friday at Garden Music School