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Private Lessons with Noel

30 min. 60 min.
1/week, billed monthly
Drums (ages 5+),   Bass (ages 6+)


Noel is a gigging and touring bassist and drummer from Vallejo, California. Growing up traveling with Radio Disney, his experience on stage has led him to perform and record with various artists including Manny Garcia, Ashlee Barrera, Mars Wagon, and Run Raquel. After graduating from high school, Noel earned the Louis Armstrong Jazz Achievement Award which led to him attending Ball State University. Noel can be seen regularly playing at Disney Springs, Margaritaville Resort, and Universal City Walk. As a teacher, Noel believes that in order to progress, music has to be relatable, and he often tells his students, “Play like you would buy a ticket to see yourself on stage.”

$49.75/lesson, Month to month

Monday at Garden Music School

$49.75/lesson, Month to month

Wednesday at Garden Music School